Who We Are

Bleu Ciel Foods is a multinational food processing and commodities trading corporation based in Dubai, UAE. It has been in operations since 2016, trading in food commodities throughout Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Africa. The main commodities in the portfolio are Rice, Sugar, Pulses, Palm Oil, Wheat Flour and Cotton.

Bleu Ciel has branches across Africa, including Benin, Guinea Conakry, Kenya, Madagascar, Sierra Leone and Niger. Each local branch operates as a distribution hub, with local employees, warehouses and offices. This allows Bleu Ciel to minimize risk of trade, as defaults have become a main concern in recent times. It also allows Bleu Ciel to control the supply chain, having local officers in Pakistan and India and employees at destinations, leading to greater quality control.

CEO's Message

Our teams are focused on overcoming the difficulties facing our customers and their worldwide supply chains. We know this can only be accomplished over the long-term by creating sustainable value chains for all stakeholders, targeting to contribute more into the food and farming processes.

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Go Above and Beyond


Prioritize customer experience


Trust each other and achieve together


Lead, commit and deliver the best

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